Storchenhof Sales Days

Dates for Storchenhof Sales Days

Sales Days for Dressage horses, Hunters, Jumpers and Leisure horses from local breeders from all the different breeding associations.

Good, fair and family-oriented!

We will offer:

  • Around 20 horses that have been correctly trained along the training scale
  • All horses will be clinically vetted with up to date X-rays
  • Individual training and sale of each horse
  • Opportunity to watch the daily training of the horses and test ride them
  • Direct contact between buyer and seller/breeder of the horse
  • Price negotiations will take place directly between buyer and seller/breeder
  • Assistance to the buyer and seller/breeder throughout the whole process

     - Competition references in dressage and jumping up to Level S
     - Breeding references

  • Fair cost structure for both buyers and sellers

For Sellers
Fixed price of €499,- (19% tax included) entails:

  • Two weeks training
  • Board and care
  • Development of sed card for each horse
  • Advertising horses in the media
  • 10% commission in case of a sale paid directly by the seller

For Buyers

  • No costs to the buyers unless a horse is being purchased
  • The buyer will automatically have to give his consent that the seller will pay the Storchenhof Team a 10% commission

Agenda for the Sales Days

Appointments for test rides need to be made in advance.  After intial arrival of the sales horses, they will be ridden, filmed and photographed before any test rides by potential clients.  Please schedule your appointment directly with Lena Hildmann-Janssen by phone or email.

Vet checks
All horses have been or will be vetted before their arrival or shortly after their arrival at the Storchenhof.  Our recommendation is a full clinical check along with at least 23 sets of x-rays.  The cost of the vet check will be paid by the seller.

Determination of the selling price
The selling price will be discussed and determined with the sellers in advance.  This selling price will then be included in all the advertisement.  The Storchenhof team will hand out all contact information to the potential buyer in order to discuss the price and terms of purchase.  

What happens next
After negotiations about price and terms of purchase are finished a verbal agreement or handshake will seal the purchase.  Everything else will be arranged between buyer and seller directly. In order to show the seriousness of the purchase decision, the Storchenhof team suggests to pay a small sum of money up front.

What happens with the horse
The purchased horse will stay at the Storchenhof facility until the purchase amount has been fully paid. The horse can also stay in training for a set price.  This might be of interest to buyers who are not that familiar with the training of a young horse but would like to buy a talented horse for a realistic price.  The team can also provide buyers with means of transportation if they have none available.

Information for sellers/exhibitors

  • The horses will have to be delivered in agreement with the Storchenhof team
  • The horse’s passport, halter, lead rope and blanket (if necessary) are required
  • In order to achieve the best opportunity for a sale, the horse should be in good shape and well groomed
  • The shoeing should be up to date or the amount for the Ferrier needs to be provided so that the shoeing can be taken care of, once the horse is at the Storchenhof
  • All background information of the horse should be provided in order to ensure a greater chance of sale

     - Competition results
     - Previous pictures and videos

  • The exhibition cost of €499,- has to be paid in cash or check upfront
  • Amount includes, room and board, training and advertising (Pictures, Internet)
  • The contract of mediation and room and board has to be signed
  • Every horse has to be adequately insured by the seller
  • If the horse requires veterinary attention, the seller will pay the cost
  • In case of a sale, a 10% commission has to be paid to the Storchenhof
  • In case negotiations are not successful or in case of a non-sale, the advertising materials, such as pictures, etc. can then be used by the seller

The Storchenhof team will make your stay as comfortable as possible and provide drinks and small snacks. The possibility of an overnight stay can be arranged at some of the local hotels. Maybe a short vacation can be planned around the horse-shopping trip.

Fairness even after point of sale
We will set up a training plan, will stay in contact and will come visit you and the horse if wanted. Any horse that has been sold through our Storchenhof Sales Days can be included to the collection of future Sales Days.  
If you have found your new up-and-coming talent but would like to keep it in training with us? At the Storchenhof we cater to all your needs such as training, questions around insurance, transportation and the right fitting saddle.

Sales Horses